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Ditch Your 2021 Resolutions. Commit to Original G·E·M·S Life!

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Every year’s the same story; on January 1st, I sit down and thoughtfully write out my lofty New Year’s resolutions, only to feel defeated by mid-February. Resolutions can be so binary, leaving no room for error. If you’re not first, you’re last — but that’s not how change works, and that’s not how life is.


To be clear: Reflecting on your life and setting goals of self-improvement are critical to an evolved and enriched life, for SURE! But let’s face it, none of us is perfect. We falter, over and over (and over!) again. Growth simply doesn’t happen overnight. It takes small, daily habits to create long term change for the better.

That’s why we’re inviting YOU, dear GEM, to commit to our new program this year to bring more happiness and health to your life — your Original G·E·M·S Life. 

Start. Commit. Grow. 

By starting each morning with just ONE Original G·E·M·S Life practice in each category — Gratitude, Eat Clean, Move, and Shine — you’ll set the tone for the rest of your day, creating long-term benefits for your mind and body. 

Our Original G·E·M·S Life program isn’t about living the perfect life; it’s about committing to doing something to feed your body and soul every day — and when (not if!) you falter, getting back on and recommitting over and over again. And it’s about small, easy-to-remember things you do every day. Lovely, delicious, relaxing, indulgent practices that are enjoyable as the results they produce. It’s also about the fact that you will fail, because you are a person, not a butterfly or a caterpillar — when you do, you simply begin again. 

Original G·E·M·S Practices for a Shinier New Year!

It’s so simple. Just start each morning with just ONE Original G·E·M·S Life practice in each category — Gratitude, Eat Clean, Move, and Shine — and get ready to Shine Brighter this year! Here are a few ideas to get into the groove.

  • GRATITUDE: Go out of your way to make someone smile.
  • EAT CLEAN: Drink a Green Glow juice with breakfast.
  • MOVE: Squeeze in a 10-minute workout between Zoom calls.
  • SHINE: Take Natural Calm at bedtime to support a good night’s sleep. 

If you miss a day, don’t stress. Just get back on the disco train and start again. This program doesn’t have an end point — the goal is growth, positivity, and your intention to Shine Brighter.

Original G·E·M·S Life Practices Just for YOU!

Ready to get inspired? Check out our collection of GEM-approved practices to help you incorporate Original G·E·M·S Life daily. And here’s to more health and happiness in the coming year!

Let us know what practices you love, and share your ideas for other practices on our social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook!

Happy 2021, GEMs!

About Our Original G·E·M·S Life Program

Shine Brighter all the time with an Original G·E·M·S Life, a daily playbook based on The GEM’s founding principles. Jump on our disco train and commit daily to just one practice in each of the categories, Gratitude, Eat Clean, Move, and Shine. Add in more practices and grow with the program when you’re ready and create your own Original G·E·M·S Life! Get started today!

Eight Years In, We’re Shining Brighter Than Ever (And GROWING)!

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As we kick off this month celebrating EIGHT AMAZING YEARS of partying under the GEM disco ball, it is so gratifying to reflect on our journey. What started as a simple idea to spread our passion for health has grown and transformed into a powerful GEM community, who are just as excited about sharing the Peace, Happy and the JUICE as we are! We are grateful for each of you who have been part of our journey, and excited to share our plans for growth in the new year. 


Celebrating 8 Groovy Years of Peace, Happy, and JUICE!

After my cancer diagnosis years ago, I became obsessed with everything related to food and healthy living. This newfound passion and powerful health discovery was the blueprint that became part of our GEM manifesto. MK and I were convinced that our new, intentional lifestyle was an incredible way to not only heal, but stay healthy for a lifetime. But we wanted to create something bigger than just us massaging kale in my kitchen. How would we do that?

Where We’ve Been: As we looked for places to support our newfound lifestyle, we realized there weren’t any that authentically provided the quality or an environment that we loved. So we put our heads together and laid out what we wanted our dream to look like. This channeling of our creativity and passion together is how The Gem came to be—a place to find “Diamonds on Your Inside.” We set out to create a healthy “Cheers,” and a place to share our passion for a GEM-my life with others. 

The GEM is a physical manifestation of who we are—a place to share the habits we’ve lived and learned through our GEM-my journey, where you can change the way you feel, and in doing so change the course of your life as it relates to health (and happiness)! And we’ve LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT! 

What We’ve Learned: We knew next to nothing about the restaurant business when we started back in 2012, but we never let that hold us back. We dug in deep—learning, growing, and dancing as we went along. We’ve learned so much about the importance of community. And you, our GEMs, are more health-savvy than ever before! You’ve discovered firsthand the amazing power of clean food, a plant based, anti-inflammatory and an anti-cancer diet. You are as passionate about health and clean eating as we are, and we couldn’t be happier. You feel better and look better, too! Let’s face it—addicted to feeling better is a great addiction to have.

Our Future Is Looking BRIGHT! We have been learning and growing so much these past eight years, and we want to keep spreading our GEM lifestyle to more corners of Dallas. That’s why we are excited to announce that The GEM will be opening a third location in the coming year! Keep up with our news and subscribe to our email list for more updates and to keep up with our progress. 

Our ultimate goal has always been to make people feel better leaving the GEM than when they walked in. And most days, I think we far exceed our goal to make that happen. The quote by Hippocrates on the wall inside The Gem says, “Let Food Be Thy Medicine”. We live by this mantra daily. We never tell you a certain diet to follow, because each of your beautiful bodies are different. We encourage you to know your bodies, applying certain broad GEM principles to your life to open the path towards more health, happiness and healing. That intuitive eating has made you more confident in your health and your choices, and you still choose to come see us each day. This is our story. You’ve made it all possible. 

Much much gratitude and admiration,

Leslie & MK

Resolutions NOT To Make This Year (And What To Do Instead!)

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I don’t know about you, but each year I spend valuable time carefully considering lots of lofty aspirations for the promise of a bright and shiny New Year only to be defeated and lost by mid February. It’s exhausting! Instead of going through this charade again, I propose something a little different this year. 


To be clear: reflecting on your life and setting goals of self-improvement are critical to an evolved and enriched life, for SURE! But, I don’t want you to make broad statements without simple, realistic action items.

Some GEMmy wisdom for the New Year: Set specific action items that are measurable. Don’t make the resolutions that are too broad, too lofty, or too common to get traction.

New Year’s Resolutions You SHOULDN’T Make

I will lose weight.

I will be more positive.

I will have a better relationship with family/friends/spouse.

I will be healthier.

Sure, these are amazing goals that I’m sure you could accomplish. But reframing your goals a little differently will help you achieve MORE—and help you have much greater success and satisfaction in the new year.

5 GEMmy Goals To Set Instead This Year

  • Walk daily with a friend. There are too many factors at play when it comes to “losing weight”. You may have to uncover digestive, hormonal, or other health challenges before you can start seeing any results. Instead of setting a goal to simply lose weight, commit to one simple daily activity. Take it one step at a time. If you can’t find time to walk every day, maybe vow to drink a green juice every morning. Or cut out bread and pasta. Or, add one extra green veggie to each meal. These are attainable, measurable, and easy to incorporate with results you can see!
  • Choose gratitude daily. Forget about simply being more positive. Each morning, write down three things (or more!) you are truly grateful for. It can be as simple as “I am grateful for my hot tea and fuzzy slippers”, or the smile you were given at the red light yesterday, or something truly grand like being grateful for a particular person, recovering from an illness, having financial security, or the presence of your children at dinner. Listing them makes you focus on the positive—because there is always something to be grateful form, even in the most difficult of times. For even MORE gratitude, try reading motivational or personal development books, download inspiring podcasts like Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations, or watch uplifting videos online to work your way out of a negative headspace.
  • Choose to give yourself GRACE. Choosing to have better relationships is an amazing goal to set, BUT it leaves too many variables in the hands of others. The one thing you can control is how much acceptance you show, because you only hurt yourself when you hold on to anger and resentment. So instead of setting this lofty goal to have better relationships, set out to work on showing yourself grace for things like making a bad financial decision, entering a bad relationship, eating too much over the weekend, or whatever you beat yourself up over. Forgiving others—and yourself—paves the way for better relationships all the way around. Start the process with a date inside The GEM.
  • Start your day with one healthy option. Don’t just set a goal to be healthier. Instead, what if you just picked ONE thing to add to your routine that could actually make that beautiful body of yours healthier AND stronger?! Try cutting artificial sweeteners out of your coffee or tea. Drink 32 ounces of water upon waking each morning. Or, just keep alcohol limited to Saturday night. Do NOT—I REPEAT, DO NOT go on a diet. Diets are temporary health adjustments, not meant for long-term implementation. Opt for incorporating these healthy lifestyle changes instead, and your mind and body will see long term benefits.
  • Drink ORGANIC GREEN JUICE daily! Don’t discount this last addition. Daily juicing provides your body with a high dose of nutrients that boosts your health and metabolism, and keeps you well-protected against toxins and disease. You automatically experience more energy, less sugar cravings and see digestion and skin improvements. Starting your day with a healthy juice also puts you in a better frame of mind to make better choices throughout your day! Your first daily juice of the New Year awaits inside The GEM—and if you are feeling really ambitious about the jump into the New Year, reserve a three day Juice Then Dinner Cleanse to help kick start a healthier DECADE!

You can’t change your final destination overnight, but you CAN adjust your sails in the right direction with the right actions. By adding one small thing at a time into your daily routine, you can improve your health, happiness, and hopefully start a change reaction. It’s a new year, and a whole new you. Happy 2020, GEMs!

Be a GEM! Go Strawless This Earth Week!

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It’s one of our favorite days — the world-wide celebration of Earth Day on April 22! With that, it is time to renew our commitment to being a GEM in every way.

Order your Earth-friendly green drinks today for pick up or delivery, straight from our app!

Since our opening 7 years ago, The GEM’s love of the earth and the environment has formed the basis of our creed.


You can’t believe in the value of organic produce and not respect the health of the soil and water supply it comes from. Everything in our world is connected! We know that the BEST organic produce is only made possible through supporting environmentally-friendly farming and soil practices and by helping reduce water waste and pollution.

Living clean and being green is a way of life.

Serving super-green plant-based soups, salads, juices and smoothies is what The GEM is best known for, but did you also know the ideals The GEM follows?

  • SERVE ONLY ORGANIC PRODUCE. The amazing farms that supply us share our commitment to keeping chemicals out of our soil and fresh food.
  • COMPOST. We’ve sent all our food waste out to compost since the day we opened. And in the last 7 years we’ve diverted 150 tons to the Texas Worm Ranch to help create a healthy planet through healthy soil!
  • REUSE. Our kitchen and staff use repurposed glass bottles. Anything we can repurpose, we DO! And we encourage regular GEM customers to return brown bags, glass shot bottles, and juice/smoothie holders for reuse.
  • RECYCLE. Any paper and plastic we can recycle goes to the recycler. Remember to rinse out yours at home before recycling!
  • PURIFY. We use carbon water filtration systems for food and juice production to keep impurities out!

Being green and living clean means more than honestly organic goodies.

GO STRAWLESS WITH US! Go GREEN with The GEM! We’ve written a lot about how to help us help the Earth. This week, we’re asking that you Shine Brighter with us by going strawless with your daily juices, iced tea and smoothies April 22 to 27.

An estimated 500 million straws are used every single day in the United States — producing enough waste to encircle the Earth 2.5 times. As many as 8.3 billion plastic straws pollute the world’s beaches.

We’re working hard on developing straw alternatives, but until that day, be brave and go strawless with us!

Cancer DOES Define Me

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Full disclosure. I’ve worked really hard over the last 9 years to put my cancer treatment and journey behind me. I am really a master, it seems, of compartmentalizing (almost all) experiences that were traumatic in my life. A great coping skill to eliminate emotional baggage. After fighting cancer, I liked to say, “I will not let cancer define me.” And I was adamant about it.


But the truth of the matter is cancer has defined me. The experience truly made me who I am today. I can’t deny it. I am brighter, shinier, stronger. It is the reason The GEM is here. 

I came to this realization while recently attending a luncheon honoring a fabulous GEM friend and cancer survivor. This event raised millions for the fight against breast cancer — providing access to advanced diagnostic equipment, innovative clinical research, and most importantly, safe, quality, compassionate care for those fighting cancer. Awesome. The theme was about acknowledging all that cancer brings: anger, fear, hope, love, courage, commitment and acknowledging that together we are strong and together we can do it. I expected that. But as I pushed around the almonds on my banquet arugula salad, something rocked me like a hurricane.

I experienced something profound. And unexpected.

As I listened to the stories of others affected by cancer, I became overwhelmed by a sense of immeasurable gratitude. Gratitude for the experience fighting cancer brought me. For the incredible care I was afforded in Dallas. The love and care shown me by friends. This support system is the reason I survived. The reason I thrive.


Fighting cancer impacted my life in 3 three ways:

  1. Made me more grateful and mindful of the blessings in my life: My husband who is solid gold. My parents’ unwavering support. My cadre of Rockstar friends. My health. I FIND GRATITUDE in every moment. That kind of positive perspective changes the reality of things.
  2. Changed how I responded to conflict. I breathe deep and know I will GATHER MY PEACE. Because at the end of the day, is it really worth it to stress and blow over big and small stuff? Hell no.
  3. Transformed how I looked at FOOD, and the POWER of it on my physical and mental health. The GEM is the manifestation of my new view on all that nourishes me.



To continue my cancer-free life, I now do these three things every day to launch a preemptive strike in the fight against the disease:

  1. Wake each morning to 32 oz. of water, deep breathing, and organic green tea. This routine includes listing three things I am grateful for. This changes my situational perspective. (Here’s one way you can use your morning routine to brighten your day.)
  2. Surround myself with shiny, happy people and places that lift me up. I find all of that
    inside The GEM community!
  3. Eat GREEN and CLEAN. Drink my celery juice first thing. By 11 a.m., I’ve already knocked back a kickass cup of MVP soup. (That means I’ve had seven servings of veggies before noon!). You can start by adding one extra green to every meal. It makes a big difference in my energy, mood, and waistline.


The truth is I’m grateful for what cancer has done in my life and the person I’ve become. Cancer does define me. And I’m proud of that. Thanks for allowing me to be honest. With you. With myself.

Confessions of a Wayward Juice Bar Owner. You Will Want to Hear This.

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Well folks, I have some confessions to make. I’ve been living a double life for the last two weeks, and it ain’t pretty. Let’s just say I’ve been doing all the things (maybe not ALL, but still) that we preach inside The GEM to be bad for your health and happiness. OFF. THE. RAILS.  And you know what? I feel like crap, act like crap, AND I’m starting to really look like crap, too. What’s important here is a) not to judge, and b) to pay attention to the results of this real-life human experiment revealing what healthy living does (or in my current situation, what UN-healthy living does) to your body and mind.

This whirlwind of Slug-dom looks like this: Poorly planned meals, fat bastard cheese on everything, sexy-sugared goodies, gluten-glittered everything, liver-killing tequila too often, badass carcinogenic bacon, the absence of centering yoga, no muscle sculpting weights, and no calming meditation. “Cool,” you might say! “Sounds like the summer of champions!” WRONG. Stress has taken over inside and out, and the buzzards are circling.

Here’s what these choices have brought me:

  • Sloth-like afternoons. All I want to do at 4 p.m. is take a nap. THAT IS NOT NORMAL.
  • Dun-lap. Yep, my puffy belly has dun lapped over my belt. Subtle, but will be a problem if I don’t stop the insanity.
  • Slow-to-NO bathroom visits. You can figure out that one.
  • Old folk joint pain. I might be 50, but before this dark period, I felt like a million bucks. Now? A buck fifty at best. Inflammation at its finest.
  • Terrible sleep patterns.
  • Old lady eye bags and ugly skin. Poor eating AGES you. Almost immediately.
  • Piss-poor mood. I was definitely more pleasant before this tragic health trip. Food and exercise do miraculous things to your brain.
  • More self-sabotage. The worse I do, the worse I feel, then the more bad things I do. It’s a vicious cycle.

If you think these choices make you feel better, trust me, it is very short lived. The effects of this lifestyle manifest fairly quickly. I can vouch for that. Maybe you have a similar story? The struggle is real, people. And the struggle is HARD!

Listen up slugs, NO ONE is coming to save you. YOU are the 911 Rescue. Here are four ways to pull your slimy self up off the floor and start shining bright like the diamond you are. Let’s get our groove back starting with the following action items. I promise you will feel better almost immediately.

  • Drink a green juice each morning. Crowding out the bad stuff with the good makes all the difference. Plus all the veggies bring tons of energy and vibrance – boosts the liver to filter out the toxins!
  • Keep MVP soup on hand and drink a cup everyday this week. It’s 5 servings of veggies, filling, tasty and boosts your energy and metabolism and is chock-full of cleansing greens.
  • Meditate, even if it’s just for 10 minutes. Focus on your breathing, focus on the present. It helps manage stress, and keeps your discipline in check.
  • Eat a dark, leafy green salad for at least one of your meals. Keep a GEM Chopped Veggie or Celery salad on-hand for a quick grab and go fiber-filled option. Have it before you go to that poolside bbq so you don’t gorge on the bad stuff.

Special note: Never say never. If you want a heavy, gluten and dairy-filled food carnival, pick a special one – make it worth your while. But please, DON’T MAKE IT YOUR DAILY M.O.  Make The GEM visit your next habit. Your body will sing. See you inside The GEM soon!















6 Things You Can Do Next Week BEFORE Spring Break Vacay!

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Planning to hit the beach and sunshine for spring break next week? Got a little regret about how that hot tub bod is looking? Want to kick off your break with a little more sparkle in your eye, more glow on your face, and a little less bloat in your belly? Try these 6 things for the next week to feel and look better for your poolside debut.

For the next 7 days …

  1. Eliminate gluten. No bread, pasta, flour tortillas. Gluten makes you bloated. It can also make you constipated … oh, yeah, which makes you bloated. Yeah, it’s hard, but if you don’t want to do it—YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH.
  2. Cut dessert sugars. Sugar makes you bloated, sugar makes your skin breakout, and sugar makes you want more sugar.
  3. Drink Daily Juice. The phytonutrients in green juice boost metabolism, help clear skin, reduce bloating, and balance blood sugars. This will help with the cravings. If you are really in the mood, start the week with a 3-day Juice ‘Til Dinner Cleanse from The GEM. You end your day with a nutrient dense meal after a day of vibrant, energy boosting juice.
  4. NO alcohol this week. There will be plenty of time for that while you are on vacay. And definitely no sugary wines, margaritas and bloating beer.
  5. Eat MVP soup for dinner at least 3 nights. This nutrient packed veggie soup puree is satisfying, gives 4 servings of veggies, adds fiber/reduces cravings, boosts metabolism. AND IT TASTES AMAZING.
  6. Drink 32 ounces of water every morning before you do anything else. This helps move the toxins out, accelerates digestion, and reduces bloating. Try CALM magnesium in your warm water at night to help you relax and to help get the bowels moving like they should.


  • Drink daily water. For all of the reasons mentioned above, plus the skin and body hydration, or in some cases rehydration, from the night before. Just Do It.
  • Take clean snacks to grab instead of airport junk. Tosi Bars, GEM Remix Nuts, Shanti Protein Bars. REALLY KEY. Stay away from the CinnaBon in the food court. Those things don’t wear well on the beach.
  • Bring Bio-Kult probiotics to stay well and regular. Often we over do it, or at the very least, we get travel constipation. A healthy gut is critical to an overall healthy body.

Your GEM List:
MVP Soup
Daily Pre-Break Juice and/or Juice ‘Til Dinner Cleanse
Calm Packets for Travel
Tosi Bars/Shanti Bars/Gem Remix
Bio-Kult Probiotics

SO, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Hurry into The GEM and grab some of these anti-bloat, pro-energy, beach/hot tub friendly goodies to get spring break ready. Or, order from our app — YOU’RE WELCOME!


Live each day with Intention. Be present.

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Want to be more present in your world? Do you desire to make the shift to a more vibrant, inspired life? Most of you would say yes. The shift begins with you, your thoughts, your time, and your intention to make a shift. Give yourself the gift of time to be more fully present in the world around you. You can ‘intentionally’ set yourself on a desired path, by being more focused on the good things in your life and the world around you–visualize your future reality. When you set your intention, you draw out a plan for where you want your day (and life) to go. We believe that by nourishing your mind, body and spirit every day, you can live the life of a GEM—one of focus, gratitude and health.

How, you may ask? It’s starts as simple as taking the time to do so—to be more fully present. Start by taking your own personal quiet time to begin your day. Wake a few minutes earlier than normal. Take a moment to breathe and be grateful for the new day. Hop out of bed, drink your water and find a spot to sit and contemplate. Write down what you want to see for yourself or list your prayers in a daily journal. Start your mediation with simple thoughts. This practice helps me with my “Find the Joy’ intention.

“Your intention sets your reality.”  ~ Wayne Dyer

Daily affirmations and intentions are key to starting this journey. There are many benefits to chronicling daily gratitude and being more connected. This is the first step. It’s simple, yet not always easy.


  • Don’t hurry. It’s just a few minutes anyway.
  • Put your phone on “do not disturb.”
  • Set your intention to be happier when you do this exercise.
  • Be positive and grateful.
  • Be specific about the good things, your purpose for the day, things for self-care.
  • Affirm what you want. I attract awesome.
  • Affirm every day: I AM AWESOME (or something else). Let your day be filled with love and light.


Everyday I express gratitude for my family, my health, and the comforts of my home. Other times it is deeper and more profound. What matters is that you recognize those things that are good in and around your life. We have so much, even in the midst of stormy times. Sometimes I go back and read previous entries, and it inspires me. It often makes me grateful for the evolution and the progress I’ve made. And then I write THAT down as something I’m grateful for!!!

It can be an amazing 10 minutes of your morning, righting your path to a brighter, more present YOU.

What about this journal thing? This journal doesn’t have to be fancy, BUT, if you need a little prompting – and we all need a little help sometimes – we’ve prepared a daily journal to remind you to nurture your whole health. It’s called “A Day in The Life” Journal. It contains a page that sparks the thoughts and ideas you need for an inspired day of self reflection and outward consciousness. This is the beginning of a practice that helps you to be more connected to the deeper world around you. Get one for yourself, and one for your bestie.

“You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in every moment.  Fools stand on their island opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land, there is no other life but this.”  ~ Henry David Thoreau

Start your journey to be more inspired and more connected to the deeper world around you. While it may not be the path of least resistance, I assure you it is the path with the most rewards. We only have one life so make the most of it!

Photo credit: Erik Carlson Photography




Inspired to Change? Share Your Transformation

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“It’s not what happens to you, but how you handle it. If Life gives you lemons, make lemonade. If the lemons are rotten, take out the seeds and plant them in order to grow new lemons.”
~ Louise Hay

There are life altering challenges that hit you. Good things and bad things. Most want to focus on the “what.” But it’s not really WHAT happens that is important. It’s HOW you respond to it that counts.

Leslie transformationMy story of transformation began eight long, juice-filled years ago. You possibly wouldn’t have liked me before October of 2009. Or at the very least, not recognized me. I was my own version of a lemon. Don’t get me wrong, I was loads of fun if you were with me at a party, but daily I was overly stressed, unnecessarily impatient and invariably cramming fairly toxic food and drink down my throat on an all too often basis.

Well, 19 days into “Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” I got that rotten lemon thrown my way: I was diagnosed with breast cancer that had spread to my lymph nodes. Whaaaaa? Me? This was the sucker punch that woke me up to transformation.

With three small kids, a kick-ass husband and a CADRE of warrior friends, I was still frozen with fear. What would I do? Control?

I needed someone to light the path and guide me into a healthier lifestyle – one that managed stress, incorporated green veggies and JUICE and excluded toxic people and thoughts. As I researched, I found folks I could follow – folks whose stories and background I could trust. Folks who could help me plant those seeds. The first book I read was about a super groovy girl named Kris Carr whose toxic life was also blindsided by a cancer diagnosis.

The book was Crazy Sexy Cancer Survivor by Kris Carr. Holy Batman! I literally scoured every page for knowledge, inspiration, guidance and understanding not just how, but WHY I needed to change. This lit my fire to learn more — do more — be more. With her incredible, unicorn-filled thoughts and info, I finished my treatments and decided to dive deep, changing not just my eating (which was jacked up and toxic), but my thoughts (same), my work (same), and my life. Kris is an inspiration — my lighthouse that brought me to my Peace, my Happy and my Healthy.

With some of that knowledge and inspiration, we opened the very first organic juice bar in Dallas (The GEM) with my disco BFF Mary Kathryn, complete with disco ball and Donna Summer tunes—all as a result of this new-found knowledge and lifestyle and need for change.

Everyday, we share this knowledge with any GEM who wants to FEEL BETTER and BE BETTER. It has become our daily passion.

We hear your stories all the time of how The GEM has transformed you – helped light the path and guide you into a healthier lifestyle. Sure do hope so, because as much as this groovy community inspires YOU, YOU continue to inspire and transform us every single day. Let us hear more!

Have we inspired a transformation for you or your family?

We want to be encouraged by those of you whose lives have been changed, inspired by your stories of hope and transformation. Do you have a story of how The GEM has inspired you and your family in some way? LOVE to hear it. Please share the love with us and others of how you’ve made specific changes to your life.

And if you are at a place in your life where you feel stuck and unable to change course, it is through the act of moving forward with your best intentions, those grounded in profound love and respect for yourself, that you will make the changes needed to transform your life. If I can decide to be healthier, lighter (literally and figuratively), brighter … so can you.

“If you don’t like where you are, MOVE. You are not a tree.” Jim Rohn















Simple, GEMMY Ways to Practice Earth Day, Every Day

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Earth Day is a worldwide event celebrated every April 22nd. Its sole purpose is to demonstrate support for the protection of our magnificent, incredibly complex planet. For almost 40 years, Earth Day continues to raise the awareness and consciousness of every individual, household, business and organization about our vibrant planet.

Inside The GEM, our commitment to our environment has been a part of our creed. Since. Day. Earth DayOne.

In fact, after five years of serving up a plethora of organic juice, smoothies and green bites, we have composted more than 81 TONS of organic matter—diverting it out of the landfills and back into enriching our Earth. We donate this organic treasure to the Texas Worm Ranch in Garland, Texas, whose worms build healthier soil, which in turn is a vital resource for growing all of the organic veggies that our customers rely on at The GEM.

Just like we’ve watched our customers fall in love with Superfoods and healthy food, we’ve seen them adopt a newfound love of healthy habits such as reusing and recycling.

This same kind of energy can happen at your home or business as well.

Mission critical is that everyone knows the 3 R’s: REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE! Every act implementing the 3 R’s for our mother earth is worthy.

GEMMY things our customers are doing this Earth Day and every day:

  1. REUSE paper products such as brown paper bags, six pack containers and drink holders. It’s infectious: when other customers see someone bring in a stack of bags or containers, they are quick to get on that reuse and reduce soul train!! Also, shots are a great way to get a quick dose of those much loved Superfoods, and they are super popular at The GEM. Most of our customers hand back our those glass shot bottles with pride because they know they are making a positive impact on their environment by reusing.
  2. REDUCE the need to accept a brown bag for GEM goodies. Hand carry, bring your own bag, drop it in your purse. Now that is GEMMY!!
  3. RECYCLE glass, plastic and paper. At the front door of The GEM, there are recycling receptacles. We see many GEMs using it daily for recycling on the go!

We wish you continued vitality and healthy habits this Earth Day, Earth Week, Earth Month and every day. Keep up the good work Earth warriors!