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Reset and Refresh: 6 Ways to Kick-start Your New Year

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It’s almost over: the glitter, sparklers, gluttony, booze and stress of the holidays. And who isn’t feeling a little puffy and slow? Bloated and irritable?

After weeks of holiday indulgence, it’s time to get back on a balanced eating regimen. Want to hit the reset button? Recommit to Eating Clean on Jan. 1 with our Original G·E·M·S program.

Start. Commit. Grow. Original G·E·M·S Life!

What is the Original G·E·M·S Life Program? Pretty simple. Incorporate a daily practice from each of the four GEMmy categories.

  • GRATITUDE: Habits of reflection to find your joy.
  • EAT CLEAN: Food rules that keep your body at its best.
  • MOVE: Activities to keep your body strong and your mood bright.
  • SHINE: Restorative ideas to care for your body and soul.

Pick whatever practices you want in each category — the goal is to commit! And recommit whenever you fall short. Learn more about the program and get inspiration here.

Given our last few weeks of debauchery, EATING CLEAN category of Original G·E·M·S seems to be the best place to start! You’ve got to nurture your body; it’s the only place you’ve got to live. And while your liver is the disco queen of detoxification, she becomes sluggish when abused.\When you overeat, consume excess sugar and alcohol, and don’t get enough sleep, it slows the body’s ability to detox naturally — which leaves toxins stagnant in your liver and fat cells. Gross.
commit to Original G·E·M·S Program. Here’s a few Eat Clean practices to get you started!

6 Original GEMs Eat Clean Practices to Try in the New Year

  • DRINK 32 ounces of water first thing in the AM, which kick starts your metabolism and flushes toxins immediately. Hot. Cold. Lemon. Ice. It doesn’t matter. Just do it.
  • SHOOT The GEM Immunity Shot. Alkalizing, cleansing, healing. Just do it. Powerful herbs and roots like ginger, turmeric, green tea are huge health boosters and detoxifiers. Add a shot to your MVP soup. MAGIC!
  • KEEP a fridge full of healthy foods to grab when you’re getting hungry. Have you tried our Lentil Soup on top of our Quinoa? Our Vegan Tuna Salad with Ola crackers?? Fuel your body with the fiber and healthy fats it craves, supporting optimal functioning and natural processes.
  • DRINK green juice daily. This goodness instantly detoxes your system and energizes your body and soul. You don’t have to be on a juice cleanse to get your daily dose of health-boosting nutrients. Straight celery, leafy greens, beets and cucumbers are some of the ways to keep your digestive system happy and bloat-free every day. Find some of these heroes in our Radiant Glow. Add in a shot of turmeric for an inflammation overhaul.
  • DUMP dairy, gluten and sugar for a week. This will accelerate your detoxification, make you lighter, brighter and ready to take on the new year. It will help you make better choices and show you where your demons lie. Everything at the GEM is gluten and dairy free.
  • A GEM juice CLEANSE is a great way to kick start the year. Give your digestive system a rest and allow it a chance to heal from irritation and inflammation that may be affecting your system. This can also help cut cravings and energize your body and mind!

At the end of the day, the Original G·E·M·S program is about a lifestyle change, not a week or so of regimented consumption. Find small daily changes that work for you.

And remember, we’re right here with you — recommitting to our health for 2024. Join us on New Year’s Day, when we’ll be OPEN at 9 a.m.!

Yep. We are OPEN ON NEW YEAR’S DAY for the first time in 12 years. So now you’ve got no excuse to start on day one. Come see us for a Silver Bullet Smoothie and a little disco, and start your New Year by hitting a bullseye on your health goals.

Eat clean with us and order online for pick up!