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The 411 On Feeding Teen Athletes 

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Our student athletes are pros at juggling so many things — homework, practice, extracurriculars, friends — trying to eat right can often get lost in the mix! 

No wonder parents ask us about the best ways to feed their athletes all the time. Sports nutrition for teenagers can be tough due to their on-the-go schedules, love of fast foods and more. But not eating enough or not eating the right types of foods can definitely hurt their athletic performance — in addition to their mood, health, growth and overall quality of life. 

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Some common enemies of athletic performance? Skipping breakfast, sugary drinks, snacking on nutrient-poor foods, and junk food in general. Look below for some tips on how to guide your teenage athlete to properly nourish the body pre- and post-game.

Teen Nutrition Tips for Achieving Optimal Sports Performance

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Even dehydration of 2 percent can have measurable negative effects on performance. It is recommended to drink at least 24 ounces of water two hours before exercise, and of course, drink water during and after. Water is best since sports drinks can be loaded with sugar, creepy preservatives and artificial food colorings. Our Perform Sports Drink is the PERFECT ALTERNATIVE to Gatorade and the like.

Eat 2 hours before training. Eat complex carbohydrates (i.e. whole wheat pasta, brown rice with vegetables, beans). Say NO to heavy proteins and unhealthy fats like fried food. The key is to consume a little bit of protein and some carbohydrates to stay energized during the game. Nervous stomach before a big competition? It’s still important to eat at least a small snack such as a banana or oatmeal.

Consume healthy fats. Sounds crazy but good quality fats take longer to digest and serve as an optimal source of fuel for your body. Healthy fats are strongly advised — such as natural peanut butter on apples or avocado in a smoothie.

Take your vitamins. A daily multivitamin is key. Look for organic ones, made from real food sources. Rainbow Light for Teens and Thorne are great brands you can pick up at the GEM.

Steer clear from fast food! Sure, it’s tempting to hit the drive through after school. But the food is a SERIOUS performance thief. Skip the Whataburger and head to healthy “fast food” choices like The GEM, Chipotle, or Panera, who have healthier, cleaner options.

Cook at home. A sure-fire way to make sure only healthy foods make it onto your teen’s plates. Don’t know how? Follow Alex Snodgrass over at The Defined Dish. She’s a genius for delicious, easy recipes. And she’s a Dallas GEM Girl!

Does all of that sound like a lot? Have no fear! We put together a handy list of healthy snack ideas. 

Healthy Pre-Game Teen Nutrition Ideas

  • Fruit. Oranges, frozen grapes, green apples or frozen banana medallions with nut butter.  
  • Green juice. Don’t underestimate the power of green juice! Packed with energizing nutrients that are delivered immediately into the bloodstream. Our Green Glow is a great pre- and post-game choice.
  • Beans and rice. Think Chipotle style. Get even better benefits from The GEM’s Quinoa mixed with our Lentil Soup, our Three Bean Salad with Siete tortilla chips or Hummus with locally made Ohla crackers and veggies. These dishes deliver incredible complex carbs alongside powerful plant-based protein.
  • Beet shots. increases endurance, reduces oxygen consumption, increases blood nitrate levels and reduces resting blood pressure.
  • Healthy smoothies. Make these at home or order them from The GEM. Our Sparkleberry with mixed berries and banana is a total winner. Add protein and spinach to amp it up to gold medal status. Keep our bottled smoothies on hand.
  • Oatmeal or healthy granolas. Our Early Bird or Marge Granola are low in sugar and deliver a one-two punch of good fats and protein. You can mix in plant-based yogurts like Siggis for a tasty protein and carbs.
  • More ideas! Try this list! The homemade taquitos are awesome with Siete tortillas!
  • Nutrition bars. These are an easy and convenient way to keep your teenage athlete fueled, but choose carefully—many have all kinds of toxic ingredients. Our clean favorites:
    • ProBar 
    • Shanti Balance Bars
    • Jubilee Granola 
    • PB & J Tosi Bars
    • Yes Bars


Helping your sports aficionado eat healthy may seem hard but it will be well worthwhile on and off the field. That’s not to mention the added benefit to instilling healthy habits that will last a lifetime. 

Springtime Transformations Are in The Air!

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Spring is just around the corner! And with it comes the rain storms, green leaves peeking out from branches, flower buds getting ready to open — it’s all natural renewal and transformation! And you can change too — by renewing YOUR commitment to YOU! If you really want to change, we believe small, daily habits — like those promoted in our Original GEMs Life Program — will create the long-term habits you crave. 

You know the bright and colorful flowers don’t happen overnight — neither does REAL transformation. REAL change comes from gradual, consistent adjustments to our lifestyles — and even the occasional failure. 

That’s why we’re inviting YOU, dear GEM, to commit to our program this spring to bring more happiness and health to your life — your Original G·E·M·S Life. 


Start. Commit. Grow. 

It’s simple! Pick four habits to do every day — one in each Original G·E·M·S Life  category — Gratitude, Eat Clean, Move, and Shine. And start doing them. Even if you fall short, you’re still creating long-term benefits for your mind and body. 

Because the Original G·E·M·S Life program isn’t about perfection. You’re committing to doing just four (small) things to feed your body and soul every day. When (not if!) you falter, you simply begin again. Once you feel like you’re doing your practices consistently, maybe add more! 

Original G·E·M·S Practices for a Shinier New Year!

Each day, follow with ONE Original G·E·M·S Life practice in each category — Gratitude, Eat Clean, Move, and Shine — and get ready to Shine Brighter this spring! Here are a few ideas to get into the groove.

  • GRATITUDE: Tell one person you appreciate them every day. 
  • EAT CLEAN: Add a Green Glow (or other green juice) to one meal.
  • MOVE: Squeeze in a 10-minute stretch between Zoom calls.
  • SHINE: Turn off all the light sources in your bedroom for a solid night’s sleep. 

If you miss a day, don’t stress. Just get back on the disco train and start again. This program doesn’t have an end point — the goal is growth, positivity, and your intention to Shine Brighter.

Need some Original G∙E∙M∙S Inspiration?

We put together this handy collection of GEM-approved practices to help you stick to your Original G·E·M·S Life daily.

About Our Original G∙E∙M∙S Life Program

Shine Brighter all the time with an Original G∙E∙M∙S Life, a daily playbook based on The GEM’s founding principles. Jump on our disco train and commit daily to just one practice in each of the categories, Gratitude, Eat Clean, Move, and Shine. Add in more practices and grow with the program when you’re ready and create your own Original G∙E∙M∙S Life! Get started today

7 Holiday Habits To Keep You Healthy & Happy 🎄

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Healthy Holiday with Juice

It’s the HOLIDAYS, Y’ALL, and a good routine will help you stay sane, stress-free and as sweet as a sugarplum.

And bonus! Committing to the right daily routine won’t just power you through this special season, it’ll help you maintain healthier habits beyond. Your mind and body will thank you for the decreased anxiety, increased energy and overall extra TLC.  

Ready to start your new routine? Order online for pick-up from our organic menu!

Check out our SEVEN super actions that are easy to adopt every day. It just takes setting a little intention  — and paying attention to yourself.  

7 Holiday Habits for a Happier You!

  1. Morning Hydration Ritual. Start your day with 32 oz of lemon water. It’s hydrating, alkalizing, and a GAME CHANGER for your health. It flushes toxins, boosts energy, and provides a hefty dose of morning hydration to help you function at a higher level. Even slight dehydration can cause your body to function at a lower level.  
  2. Gratitude Journal. Start out by simply writing down 3 things you are grateful for. Do it again the next day. Easy. Quick. And eye opening. Practicing gratitude like this is associated with decreased stress and increased happiness.  
  3. Morning Movement! We know it’s hard but if you do just 30 minutes in the morning, it’ll get your blood flowing, energize your lymphatic system and your metabolism. We recommend starting with a consistent 30 minute daily workout. You can do more than 30 minutes if you want, but do at least 30 minutes every day. 
  4. Stretch It Out! It does wonders for your body. It’ll transform how you feel! Do it in addition to your workouts or on its own. Pro tip: Try to hold your stretches for thirty seconds and do each three times. This will help fully release your muscles. You can add in a foam roller too if you’ve got some spots that just stay tight. 
  5. Eat Clean! It’s especially hard with so many treats at parties, at home and in the office. But focus on consuming mostly whole plant-based foods. AND don’t go to the party starving! Here’s an easy tip: 80 percent of your plate should be veggies, nuts and seeds. Consume at least 4 cups of veggies a day. We lean on our Cameo Smoothie for 2 cups of vegetables and easy peasy. Need a bigger veggie boost? Try our Emerald City Smoothie or MVP Soup for 3 cups! Bonus: When your tummy is fully of nutritious greens, you’ll crave less of the sugary treats laying around. 
  6. Supplements, supplements, supplements. Supplements are packed full with necessary nutrients your body needs in order to function at its fullest potential. Don’t skip: fish oil (for brain, eye, and joint health), probiotic (digestion, gut health, immunity), a multi-vitamin, and vitamin D (bone strength, anti-cancer). Our fave brand? Thorne. We’re honored to carry them in our stores
  7. Focus on Sleep.  Especially this time of year, make sleep a priority. Consistency and discipline are key elements when it comes to sleep. Go to bed around the same time every night. No screens for at least an hour before you hit the sack. And don’t consume food at least 2 hours before your bedtime. If you want to power up your pre-bedtime routine, try Calm Magnesium Tea (you can find this in one of our locations) or a warm soak in the bath. Also: skip alcohol, especially during the week.  

An upgraded routine during the holiday season can keep you healthy and full of joy — but start small and stay realistic. Stick to these changes and they can turn into long-term rituals to help you get the most out of life.

Get Our FRESH Merch & Apparel for Spring!

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Look good, feel GEMmy in our all-new apparel! We’ve been working hard to design some fresh styles to commemorate our 10-year anniversary, and we are SO thrilled to finally unveil our all-new GEM t-shirts, socks, hoodies and more, just for YOU!



Look fresh and Shine BRIGHTER this spring in our new men’s and women’s apparel, designed with the rainbow vibes we’re famous for (with a little added retro sparkle!). Original GEMs know our apparel is always made with 100% cotton and printed on only the most comfy threads. 

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Cancer DOES Define Me

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Full disclosure. I’ve worked really hard over the last 9 years to put my cancer treatment and journey behind me. I am really a master, it seems, of compartmentalizing (almost all) experiences that were traumatic in my life. A great coping skill to eliminate emotional baggage. After fighting cancer, I liked to say, “I will not let cancer define me.” And I was adamant about it.


But the truth of the matter is cancer has defined me. The experience truly made me who I am today. I can’t deny it. I am brighter, shinier, stronger. It is the reason The GEM is here. 

I came to this realization while recently attending a luncheon honoring a fabulous GEM friend and cancer survivor. This event raised millions for the fight against breast cancer — providing access to advanced diagnostic equipment, innovative clinical research, and most importantly, safe, quality, compassionate care for those fighting cancer. Awesome. The theme was about acknowledging all that cancer brings: anger, fear, hope, love, courage, commitment and acknowledging that together we are strong and together we can do it. I expected that. But as I pushed around the almonds on my banquet arugula salad, something rocked me like a hurricane.

I experienced something profound. And unexpected.

As I listened to the stories of others affected by cancer, I became overwhelmed by a sense of immeasurable gratitude. Gratitude for the experience fighting cancer brought me. For the incredible care I was afforded in Dallas. The love and care shown me by friends. This support system is the reason I survived. The reason I thrive.


Fighting cancer impacted my life in 3 three ways:

  1. Made me more grateful and mindful of the blessings in my life: My husband who is solid gold. My parents’ unwavering support. My cadre of Rockstar friends. My health. I FIND GRATITUDE in every moment. That kind of positive perspective changes the reality of things.
  2. Changed how I responded to conflict. I breathe deep and know I will GATHER MY PEACE. Because at the end of the day, is it really worth it to stress and blow over big and small stuff? Hell no.
  3. Transformed how I looked at FOOD, and the POWER of it on my physical and mental health. The GEM is the manifestation of my new view on all that nourishes me.



To continue my cancer-free life, I now do these three things every day to launch a preemptive strike in the fight against the disease:

  1. Wake each morning to 32 oz. of water, deep breathing, and organic green tea. This routine includes listing three things I am grateful for. This changes my situational perspective. (Here’s one way you can use your morning routine to brighten your day.)
  2. Surround myself with shiny, happy people and places that lift me up. I find all of that
    inside The GEM community!
  3. Eat GREEN and CLEAN. Drink my celery juice first thing. By 11 a.m., I’ve already knocked back a kickass cup of MVP soup. (That means I’ve had seven servings of veggies before noon!). You can start by adding one extra green to every meal. It makes a big difference in my energy, mood, and waistline.


The truth is I’m grateful for what cancer has done in my life and the person I’ve become. Cancer does define me. And I’m proud of that. Thanks for allowing me to be honest. With you. With myself.