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Are you Vegan-curious? Your Questions Answered

What exactly is veganism? Could it be for you? With so much talk — and noise — around the term, you may be a little unsure…. Read more

Don’t Panic, It’s Organic (Inside The GEM at Least)

We love our Earth, and our Earth loves Organic. Our pledge to Organic, GMO-free and sustainable products has been a shiny GOLD standard in the industry… Read more

Tasty Mocktails to Spice up Your Valentine’s Day

Who says Galentine’s Day has to come just once a year? Turn any day into Galentine’s Day, and celebrate with fab, fun mocktails! (Not to mention… Read more

Reset and Refresh: 6 Ways to Kick-start Your New Year

It’s almost over: the glitter, sparklers, gluttony, booze and stress of the holidays. And who isn’t feeling a little puffy and slow? Bloated and irritable? After… Read more

Thriving After Summer: Family Health Tips for A Fall Reset

family health

As the summer vacation season comes to a close, it’s time to step off the party train and back into your regular routine — fortunately, we’ve… Read more

The 411 On Feeding Teen Athletes 

Help your favorite competitor perform at the highest level with our pro tips on healthy food and fuel.

Springtime Transformations Are in The Air!

Revitalize your life this spring with Original G∙E∙M∙S Life Program. Start small, commit, grow!

Celebrate 11 years on 2/11 with a FREE IMMUNITY SHOT!

Cheers to 10 years! Visit us on Friday, February 11th for a complimentary immunity shot, available at both of our locations!

7 Holiday Habits To Keep You Healthy & Happy 🎄

Healthy Holiday with Juice

Gifts, parties and more! Stay happy, healthy and sane through the New Year with these 7 holiday habits and discover a new routine to nourish you!

Why You Should Care if Your Juice is Made with High Pressure Processing

high pressure processing

The down and dirty truth about high-pressure processing — a treatment that makes juice last longer than a few days — and why we won’t do it.