We use fresh organic ingredients in our non-HPP juices — to preserve nourishing nutrients and enzymes. Going organic is hard, and many can’t do it. And non-HPP juices only stay good for days, not weeks. Your health matters more to us than money or convenience. Get your juice on now.

Juicing at The GEM is the most potent way to deliver nature’s nutrients to your body. The GEM uses only the freshest organic ingredients in every juice we make, cold-pressed fresh every day. The goodness of fresh juice is absorbed immediately into your system, without the need to break down and digest bulkier components (you know, those things that make you feel weighed down after you eat). With juice, your body assimilates these brilliant juice nutrients in a matter of minutes rather than hours, giving you a power shot straight to the system and a host of benefits. It is important to know our juice is non-HPP…meaning it’s bottled without “high pressure processing,” a technique that allows other folks use to extend the shelf life of their “fresh” product up to six weeks. We say no thanks…we want those healthy enzymes!! Learn more

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