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7 Holiday Habits To Keep You Healthy & Happy 🎄

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Healthy Holiday with Juice

It’s the HOLIDAYS, Y’ALL, and a good routine will help you stay sane, stress-free and as sweet as a sugarplum.

And bonus! Committing to the right daily routine won’t just power you through this special season, it’ll help you maintain healthier habits beyond. Your mind and body will thank you for the decreased anxiety, increased energy and overall extra TLC.  

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Check out our SEVEN super actions that are easy to adopt every day. It just takes setting a little intention  — and paying attention to yourself.  

7 Holiday Habits for a Happier You!

  1. Morning Hydration Ritual. Start your day with 32 oz of lemon water. It’s hydrating, alkalizing, and a GAME CHANGER for your health. It flushes toxins, boosts energy, and provides a hefty dose of morning hydration to help you function at a higher level. Even slight dehydration can cause your body to function at a lower level.  
  2. Gratitude Journal. Start out by simply writing down 3 things you are grateful for. Do it again the next day. Easy. Quick. And eye opening. Practicing gratitude like this is associated with decreased stress and increased happiness.  
  3. Morning Movement! We know it’s hard but if you do just 30 minutes in the morning, it’ll get your blood flowing, energize your lymphatic system and your metabolism. We recommend starting with a consistent 30 minute daily workout. You can do more than 30 minutes if you want, but do at least 30 minutes every day. 
  4. Stretch It Out! It does wonders for your body. It’ll transform how you feel! Do it in addition to your workouts or on its own. Pro tip: Try to hold your stretches for thirty seconds and do each three times. This will help fully release your muscles. You can add in a foam roller too if you’ve got some spots that just stay tight. 
  5. Eat Clean! It’s especially hard with so many treats at parties, at home and in the office. But focus on consuming mostly whole plant-based foods. AND don’t go to the party starving! Here’s an easy tip: 80 percent of your plate should be veggies, nuts and seeds. Consume at least 4 cups of veggies a day. We lean on our Cameo Smoothie for 2 cups of vegetables and easy peasy. Need a bigger veggie boost? Try our Emerald City Smoothie or MVP Soup for 3 cups! Bonus: When your tummy is fully of nutritious greens, you’ll crave less of the sugary treats laying around. 
  6. Supplements, supplements, supplements. Supplements are packed full with necessary nutrients your body needs in order to function at its fullest potential. Don’t skip: fish oil (for brain, eye, and joint health), probiotic (digestion, gut health, immunity), a multi-vitamin, and vitamin D (bone strength, anti-cancer). Our fave brand? Thorne. We’re honored to carry them in our stores
  7. Focus on Sleep.  Especially this time of year, make sleep a priority. Consistency and discipline are key elements when it comes to sleep. Go to bed around the same time every night. No screens for at least an hour before you hit the sack. And don’t consume food at least 2 hours before your bedtime. If you want to power up your pre-bedtime routine, try Calm Magnesium Tea (you can find this in one of our locations) or a warm soak in the bath. Also: skip alcohol, especially during the week.  

An upgraded routine during the holiday season can keep you healthy and full of joy — but start small and stay realistic. Stick to these changes and they can turn into long-term rituals to help you get the most out of life.