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Eight Years In, We’re Shining Brighter Than Ever (And GROWING)!

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As we kick off this month celebrating EIGHT AMAZING YEARS of partying under the GEM disco ball, it is so gratifying to reflect on our journey. What started as a simple idea to spread our passion for health has grown and transformed into a powerful GEM community, who are just as excited about sharing the Peace, Happy and the JUICE as we are! We are grateful for each of you who have been part of our journey, and excited to share our plans for growth in the new year. 


Celebrating 8 Groovy Years of Peace, Happy, and JUICE!

After my cancer diagnosis years ago, I became obsessed with everything related to food and healthy living. This newfound passion and powerful health discovery was the blueprint that became part of our GEM manifesto. MK and I were convinced that our new, intentional lifestyle was an incredible way to not only heal, but stay healthy for a lifetime. But we wanted to create something bigger than just us massaging kale in my kitchen. How would we do that?

Where We’ve Been: As we looked for places to support our newfound lifestyle, we realized there weren’t any that authentically provided the quality or an environment that we loved. So we put our heads together and laid out what we wanted our dream to look like. This channeling of our creativity and passion together is how The Gem came to be—a place to find “Diamonds on Your Inside.” We set out to create a healthy “Cheers,” and a place to share our passion for a GEM-my life with others. 

The GEM is a physical manifestation of who we are—a place to share the habits we’ve lived and learned through our GEM-my journey, where you can change the way you feel, and in doing so change the course of your life as it relates to health (and happiness)! And we’ve LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT! 

What We’ve Learned: We knew next to nothing about the restaurant business when we started back in 2012, but we never let that hold us back. We dug in deep—learning, growing, and dancing as we went along. We’ve learned so much about the importance of community. And you, our GEMs, are more health-savvy than ever before! You’ve discovered firsthand the amazing power of clean food, a plant based, anti-inflammatory and an anti-cancer diet. You are as passionate about health and clean eating as we are, and we couldn’t be happier. You feel better and look better, too! Let’s face it—addicted to feeling better is a great addiction to have.

Our Future Is Looking BRIGHT! We have been learning and growing so much these past eight years, and we want to keep spreading our GEM lifestyle to more corners of Dallas. That’s why we are excited to announce that The GEM will be opening a third location in the coming year! Keep up with our news and subscribe to our email list for more updates and to keep up with our progress. 

Our ultimate goal has always been to make people feel better leaving the GEM than when they walked in. And most days, I think we far exceed our goal to make that happen. The quote by Hippocrates on the wall inside The Gem says, “Let Food Be Thy Medicine”. We live by this mantra daily. We never tell you a certain diet to follow, because each of your beautiful bodies are different. We encourage you to know your bodies, applying certain broad GEM principles to your life to open the path towards more health, happiness and healing. That intuitive eating has made you more confident in your health and your choices, and you still choose to come see us each day. This is our story. You’ve made it all possible. 

Much much gratitude and admiration,

Leslie & MK

7 thoughts on “Eight Years In, We’re Shining Brighter Than Ever (And GROWING)!

  1. Peggy

    I celebrate you everyday, and speak of you often. I was just celebrating your 8 years a day or so ago, and Bob and I send you love, joy, peace, and intention. Keep sharing all your goodness. How I wish we could pop in and visit. We continue to celebrate you and your team.
    Love, Peggy and Bob in Bermuda

  2. Amy

    This is great news! Who should we send potential locations to? I work for a retail Commerical firm (Venture) and we love your Preston Center location. I have a few locations that I want to show you.

  3. sharon

    Congrats on all your success, I can’t wait to hear where your new location will be!! Thank you for providing us with a space where we can really take care of ourselves.

  4. Jill

    Congratulations on your success! I’m so excited about your third store and praying it’s at Park and Preston in Plano or that you’ll let me help invest in your 4th location there when you are ready for a 4th location.

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