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Resolutions NOT To Make This Year (And What To Do Instead!)

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I don’t know about you, but each year I spend valuable time carefully considering lots of lofty aspirations for the promise of a bright and shiny New Year only to be defeated and lost by mid February. It’s exhausting! Instead of going through this charade again, I propose something a little different this year. 


To be clear: reflecting on your life and setting goals of self-improvement are critical to an evolved and enriched life, for SURE! But, I don’t want you to make broad statements without simple, realistic action items.

Some GEMmy wisdom for the New Year: Set specific action items that are measurable. Don’t make the resolutions that are too broad, too lofty, or too common to get traction.

New Year’s Resolutions You SHOULDN’T Make

I will lose weight.

I will be more positive.

I will have a better relationship with family/friends/spouse.

I will be healthier.

Sure, these are amazing goals that I’m sure you could accomplish. But reframing your goals a little differently will help you achieve MORE—and help you have much greater success and satisfaction in the new year.

5 GEMmy Goals To Set Instead This Year

  • Walk daily with a friend. There are too many factors at play when it comes to “losing weight”. You may have to uncover digestive, hormonal, or other health challenges before you can start seeing any results. Instead of setting a goal to simply lose weight, commit to one simple daily activity. Take it one step at a time. If you can’t find time to walk every day, maybe vow to drink a green juice every morning. Or cut out bread and pasta. Or, add one extra green veggie to each meal. These are attainable, measurable, and easy to incorporate with results you can see!
  • Choose gratitude daily. Forget about simply being more positive. Each morning, write down three things (or more!) you are truly grateful for. It can be as simple as “I am grateful for my hot tea and fuzzy slippers”, or the smile you were given at the red light yesterday, or something truly grand like being grateful for a particular person, recovering from an illness, having financial security, or the presence of your children at dinner. Listing them makes you focus on the positive—because there is always something to be grateful form, even in the most difficult of times. For even MORE gratitude, try reading motivational or personal development books, download inspiring podcasts like Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations, or watch uplifting videos online to work your way out of a negative headspace.
  • Choose to give yourself GRACE. Choosing to have better relationships is an amazing goal to set, BUT it leaves too many variables in the hands of others. The one thing you can control is how much acceptance you show, because you only hurt yourself when you hold on to anger and resentment. So instead of setting this lofty goal to have better relationships, set out to work on showing yourself grace for things like making a bad financial decision, entering a bad relationship, eating too much over the weekend, or whatever you beat yourself up over. Forgiving others—and yourself—paves the way for better relationships all the way around. Start the process with a date inside The GEM.
  • Start your day with one healthy option. Don’t just set a goal to be healthier. Instead, what if you just picked ONE thing to add to your routine that could actually make that beautiful body of yours healthier AND stronger?! Try cutting artificial sweeteners out of your coffee or tea. Drink 32 ounces of water upon waking each morning. Or, just keep alcohol limited to Saturday night. Do NOT—I REPEAT, DO NOT go on a diet. Diets are temporary health adjustments, not meant for long-term implementation. Opt for incorporating these healthy lifestyle changes instead, and your mind and body will see long term benefits.
  • Drink ORGANIC GREEN JUICE daily! Don’t discount this last addition. Daily juicing provides your body with a high dose of nutrients that boosts your health and metabolism, and keeps you well-protected against toxins and disease. You automatically experience more energy, less sugar cravings and see digestion and skin improvements. Starting your day with a healthy juice also puts you in a better frame of mind to make better choices throughout your day! Your first daily juice of the New Year awaits inside The GEM—and if you are feeling really ambitious about the jump into the New Year, reserve a three day Juice Then Dinner Cleanse to help kick start a healthier DECADE!

You can’t change your final destination overnight, but you CAN adjust your sails in the right direction with the right actions. By adding one small thing at a time into your daily routine, you can improve your health, happiness, and hopefully start a change reaction. It’s a new year, and a whole new you. Happy 2020, GEMs!