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GEM Products Now Available at Ritual One Yoga!

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Ready to namaste while sippin’ on your favorite green juice? Do it all under one roof at Ritual One Yoga, now offering a selection of GEM goodies for studio patrons!


We’re excited to officially announce our new permanent residence inside Ritual One Yoga Studio where we’ll now be offering a select variety of our organic cold-pressed juices, bottled smoothies, performance drinks, wellness shots and prepared food!

As one of our new favorite places to MOVE our bodies in Dallas, we are so thrilled to partner with the amazing founders and instructors at R1 and to help them provide their patrons with the GEM goodness you’ve come to know and love.

Be sure to follow them on Instagram and Facebook to see what’s available. And if you haven’t already, check out their space in Travis Walk off Knox Street and sign up for a class (or two!). You may see some familiar faces there…😉

Get a Move On! The GEM Sponsors Klyde Warren Park Fitness Program

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It’s official — we are now the proud sponsor of Klyde Warren Park fitness classes! Join us Saturdays in the Park for yoga, Tai Chi, pilates, Zumba, and tons more free classes. Plus, once a month we will be there with bottled juices available for purchase at the Park!


We’re always looking for new, fun ways to check off our Original G·E·M·S Life daily MOVE practice, and Klyde Warren Park’s fitness classes are perfect activities to keep your body strong and your mood bright.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce that as of September 18th, 2021, The GEM is the official sponsor of Klyde Warren Park’s efforts to provide free fitness classes to our community. The Klyde Warren Park Fitness Program is always 100% free for all, and includes

  • Boot camps,
  • Yoga,
  • Tai Chi,
  • Zumba,
  • and even ballroom dancing classes!

Since its opening in 2012, Klyde Warren Park has welcomed more than 10 million guests from across our North Texas community and beyond, providing more than 1,000 free programs every year, including fitness classes, outdoor movies, and signature holiday celebrations. Its mission is “…to provide free programming and educational opportunities for the enrichment of visitors’ lives, to showcase the diverse multitude of cultures and talents Dallas has to offer, and to be a town square where citizens may congregate and create traditions together.” 

We’re so grateful for the opportunity to partner with the team behind Klyde Warren Park, and look forward to helping them achieve their goals that align with ours: sharing vibrant, daily habits that bring immunity, energy and optimal health to everyone.

To check out the full schedule of free fitness classes at the Park, click here — and be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with more news related to our partnership with Klyde Warren Park. We’ll keep you updated with the dates we plan to be out there selling GEM goodies for thirsty fitness class participants!

See you out there, GEMs!

5 Practices to Ace GEM Class With Original G·E·M·S

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A daily routine is key to a successful school year. Add these quick MOVE practices to your Original G·E·M·S Life for a focused, fabulous fall term!


Ready for more focus, less anxiety and improved energy? Set aside a few minutes every day to move your body for a world of difference to your physical AND mental health. 

It’s a scientific fact that regular exercise is linked to improved mood and reduced anxiety and depression. So do right by your body and your brain by adding in our third Original G·E·M·S Life category, MOVE, to your morning routine, and get ready to take on this school year by storm!

You don’t have to hit the gym after dropping the kids off at school — commiting to MOVE your body everyday is a lot easier than you think! One of the biggest mistakes we make when setting activity goals is trying to “get fit” by overcommitting to an exercise “program.” In other words: We shoot the moon, when really we just need to walk around the block. Some things to keep in mind: 

  • Any movement is a good movement! It doesn’t have to be a heart-pounding sweaty gym sesh to improve your fitness. 
  • Those little minutes of movement add up! A little bit here and there, when you can, can add up to a full work out! 
  • Consistency matters more than intensity. You can burn a lot of calories walking — and a lot more than running if it’s just too hard or you don’t like it.  
  • If you don’t like it, if it’s too hard, if it hurts, you won’t keep doing it. Movement should be fun, not painful. 

To help get you started, try our top practices to help you ace GEM class this school year.

5 MOVE Practices for a Smarty Pants Semester

  • After School Dance Party! Shake away those back to school blues by throwing on some throwback jams to groove to! Try this ultimate dance party workout with Meagan Kong for some seriously good vibes. A dance a day keeps the doctor away, right? 
  • Sneak In Mini-Moves: You don’t have to make it to class or the gym every day. Try taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Or take a quick walk around the block in between Zoom calls. Either way, take a few minutes to stretch your legs during the day. Those minutes add up! 
  • Try a TikTok Trend! There are sooo many to keep up with, but a few TikTok trends we’ve loved lately are the ​​#FlexibilityChallenge videos, the #Trackstars “runaway” challenge, and whatever #DanceTikTok’s viral dance of the week is! Get your family involved and try out these video challenges for your daily MOVE practice!
  • Find a “move” buddy. Having someone to keep us accountable helps us stay committed to daily move goals. Call up a friend you’ve been meaning to catch up with and try different classes with them for a month, or sign up for a weekly AM sculpt class at Ritual One Yoga on Knox with a friend (plus, get your daily GEM fix at our pop-up location here!). 
  • Get a Personal Trainer. Can’t find time to make it to a class? Hire a personal trainer to come to your home instead—they can even give you light exercises or stretching work to do so you can check off your MOVE practice every day of the week.  

Prioritizing your health is the BEST way to curb anxiety and stress that a new school year brings. Follow these Original G·E·M·S Life MOVE practices to help you and your family stay healthy this fall. And remember; it takes 21 days to form a habit, so don’t wait—jump in today!

Live an Original G·E·M·S Life

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