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Sleigh Holiday Stress with Original G·E·M·S Life – Part I (MOVE!)

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Let’s be honest about health and wellness during the holidays…stress happens. And when we experience stress, our health suffers. Our body’s energy fuel tank gets depleted. We tend to lose sleep, and become more anxious. Stress actually affects your immune system. Because of this, it’s crucial to approach this time of year with a plan to combat the impending stress.


The holiday season brings with it happiness and joy, but can also be a stressful time for even the jolliest of GEMs. Solution? Beat that stress to the punch with our Original G·E·M·S Life program. By doing the four practices every day — Gratitude, Eat Clean, Move, Shine — you’ll see less and less stress in your life and more peace and happiness.

In our last blog post, we focused on ways to practice GRATITUDE. This week, we’re introducing MOVE and SHINE practices to help you stay stress-free during the holidays.

Make your nights more silent and your days more jolly during this special time of year through these MOVE practices from Original G·E·M·S Life.

MOVE: Five Ways to Shake Holiday Stress Away

  • Sleigh Your Ride. Go old school and take your bike on quick errands. Or for a super awesome treat, gift yourself a Peloton bike! MK loves hers — as does everyone we know who has one! This bike comes with instructors and personalized training plans that you can do any time — check off that MOVE practice!  
  • Jingle Bell Walk. Feeling a little cooped up? Don’t make heavy going of your MOVE practice, just put on some comfy shoes and get outside! Don a festive hat and join a friend for a brisk walk! Throw on some leg warmers and ankle weights and get retro if you want to burn calories. Whatever you do, just move! 
  • Try a Personal Trainer. Ready to sweat? Hire a personal trainer to come to your home — they’ll bring the equipment and you don’t need to step foot into a gym.  They can even give you light exercises or stretching work to do on your rest days so you can check off your MOVE practice every day of the week.  
  • Practice Yuletide Yoga. Whether for spiritual transformation, stress management or physical well-being, the benefits are undeniable. It’s easy to get your MOVE in every day with 10 or 60 minutes of yoga. Just grab your mat and YouTube with Yoga with Adrienne — and don’t hesitate to get the fam involved. Yoga is great for kids too! 
  • Reindeer Games. Forget Apples to Apples, try these active family games for the holidays like the Jingle Bell Shake, Elephant March, or Poop the Potato. Making physical activity a family affair is an easy way to get your MOVE practice done for the day.

Prioritizing your health during the holidays is the BEST way to curb anxiety and stress. Following these Original G·E·M·S Life practices through MOVE and SHINE will bring peace and joy to both you and your family, and help you enjoy the very best this season has to offer.

Merry merry, GEMS!

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