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Embrace the Original G·E·M·S Life!

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The Original G·E·M·S Life program starts today.

Start. Commit. Grow. Join Original G·E·M·S Life!

They say it takes 21 days to make a habit — and if those habits are positive ones, it will create a happier and healthier life. The Original G·E·M·S Life consists of simple daily practices that have been part of The GEM since its founding 10 years ago. 

4 Letters = 1 Recipe to Shine Brighter

Sounds too good to be true? Well, friends, it’s for real! We know through experience that if you set your intention to grow by implementing positive practices, you attract positive results. You emerge as shinier, stronger, Original G·E·M·S. 

Create Your Own Original G·E·M·S Life

We SPELL it out for you. Commit to your own Original G·E·M·S Life on the daily! Simply select one practice that resonates with you from one or all of all of the four Original G·E·M·S categories: Gratitude, Eat Clean, Move, and Shine. Commit to doing it daily for a week, then a month (and eventually forever). Add on more when you’re ready, and watch the transformation begin! 

A typical Original G·E·M·S day may consist of

  • GRATITUDE: Complete a morning gratitude list.
  • EAT CLEAN: Add an extra serving of organic greens to each meal.
  • MOVE: Simple stretching and breathing exercises for 15 minutes.
  • SHINE: Take Natural Calm at bedtime to support a good night’s sleep. 

If you miss a day, don’t stress. Just get back on the disco train and start again. This program doesn’t have an end point — the goal is growth, positivity, and your intention to Shine Brighter.

Start. Commit. Grow.

Why is this important to your personal growth? The GEM evolved out of my own personal health crisis — a challenge that seemed more powerful than I had the strength to endure. Yet I emerged stronger and brighter because I discovered and embraced habits of health and happiness as a WAY OF LIFE—The G·E·M·S Life. And since then, we’ve watched so many of you do the same at The GEM! We can’t wait to see so many more with this program

Original G·E·M·S Shine Brighter, Shine Together 

Join us now, and stay the course!  We’re all Original G·E·M·S, and we’ve been on this journey together since day one. Dive into the program on our easy-to-start, easy-to-follow detail page and see you can shine into action. 

Let us know what practices you love, and share your ideas for other practices on our social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook

9 thoughts on “Embrace the Original G·E·M·S Life!

  1. Pam Ellerman

    Leslie and MK-

    I am so proud of both of you and for the lives you have changed, touched and mentored. The GEM is blessing and the way you all do it is so fun. Every time I walk in that store it is a HAPPY place. Thank You

  2. Becky

    You all found a need and filled it with not just healthy juices but a positive healthy mind / attitude ! It all ties together and you all rock it ! I love the celery salad


  3. MHB

    I appreciate your blog and insights and you helped me a lot when I was diagnosed with breast cancer 5 years ago. So far cancer-free! But recently diagnosed with wet macular degeneration in both eyes & totally stunned. Getting eye injections but now upping my green leafy veggies, all veggies, fruit, etc. Would be great if you did some features on eye/vision health but your 4 gems are always helpful to me. Thank you.

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