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Original G·E·M·S Life: 8 Ways To Show GRATITUDE This Thanksgiving!

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We adore this energizing, inspiring holiday. Let it be a day of total GRATITUDE: for family, friendships, abundant delicious foods, and vibrant health. An all-nourishing kind of day – the body and soul. Don’t take it for granted…gratitude makes you GLOW.

Start. Commit. Grow. Join Original G·E·M·S Life!

Last week we shared our Original G·E·M·S Life, a recipe to Shine Brighter. We SPELLED it out very simply: select a practice that resonates with you from each of the four Original G·E·M·S categories: Gratitude, Eat Clean, Move, and Shine. The first category is Gratitude. How appropriate that we begin the Original G·E·M·S Life just days before the biggest gratitude day of the year. 

To make this a GEM-my Thanksgiving, embrace these small acts of kindness that will result in an elevated feeling of gratitude for all your blessings of abundance.

8 Ways Original G·E·M·S Show GRATITUDE for Thanksgiving

  • DECORATE. Adorn your table with words and photos of gratitude.
  • VOLUNTEER. Find ways to serve someone less fortunate. 
  • EMBRACE. Invite someone who would welcome the company.
  • SHARE. Share extras with a neighbor, a friend, or someone in need.
  • EXPRESS. Thank the top 5 people who have made a positive influence on your life. Tell them why.
  • GIVE. Make a donation to the North Texas Food Bank, or any other local non-profit organization. 
  • EXEMPLIFY. Provide guests with cards they can write down what they are grateful for. 
  • JUST BECAUSE. Bring a busy friend a turmeric latte or elevated coffee on Wednesday morning as they prep for the big day.

And don’t forget, dear GEMS:

  • CENTER YOURSELF. The holidays, even with all their glitter and excitement, can be emotionally draining. Family dynamics, loneliness, financial issues, and just the intense chaos of it all can be overwhelming. Take some time for yourself the night before to decompress. We need to take care of ourselves first!

We are most grateful for you, our dear GEMS—for your support, your passion for better health, your smiles, and your kind words we hear from you daily. Have a gratitude and laughter filled, healthy Thanksgiving. We love you, GEMs! See you back for more GEM goodness soon.

Jump Into Original G·E·M·S Life!

Shine Brighter all the time with an Original G·E·M·S Life, a daily playbook founded on The GEM’s founding principles. Jump on our disco train and commit daily to just one practice in each of the categories, Gratitude, Eat Clean, Move, and Shine. Add in more practices and grow with the program when you’re ready and create your own Original G·E·M·S Life! Get started today!

Let us know what practices you love, and share your ideas for other practices on our social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook

3 thoughts on “Original G·E·M·S Life: 8 Ways To Show GRATITUDE This Thanksgiving!

  1. Tracy Naftalis Kittle

    Leslie and Mary Kathryn, thank you for inspiring me ( and many others) to emerge from our stresses, fears and worries to embrace gratitude, a true elixir in life’s medicine chest. Each of the tenets you mention ignite the goodness and power in each of us. So, with appreciation and a warm embrace, I thank you and wish you both peace, health, joy and good laughs. XO

    1. diamondsonyourinside Post author

      Dearest Tracy,
      We are shining with love over your kind words, and most importantly, for embracing the GEMS Life!! We are so grateful for you, dear GEM.
      Peace & health,
      Leslie & MK

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