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The Anti-Cancer Life: Healing Powers of Water – Water Therapy

Posted on by diamondsonyourinside and currently has 9 Comments on The Anti-Cancer Life: Healing Powers of Water – Water Therapy

Last week’s post about leading an anti-cancer life received an amazing outpouring of interest, excitement and gratitude. You truly want to know how to make changes to ensure your optimal health! Optimal health is what we all want to achieve, right?water therapy

The guide is concise and easy to understand, but many of our GEMs questioned deeper into each of the 12 points on the list. The next few posts will dive deep into each one, in no particular order, giving a broader understanding and direction to follow.

One of the easiest actions to incorporate is number 5: It’s called water therapy and it’s a GAME CHANGER. We GEMs do it every day. It is quite a simple concept: Drink 32 ounces of filtered, FLUORIDE FREE water on an empty stomach immediately upon waking. The results are remarkable–amazing therapeutic effects for a multitude of health conditions—ranging from pain to asthma to cancer.

This unpretentious morning regimen originates from ancient Ayurvedic medicine. Drinking water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach purifies the body’s internal system. A particularly important result of this treatment is that it cleanses the colon, making it easier for the body to absorb nutrients from food. This is achieved through the production of new blood. This fresh blood has an immense restorative effect in the body and can even cure existing ailments. There are secondary symptoms of dehydration which include: constipation, skin eruptions, colitis, kidney stones, “hunger” pains, headaches and lots more. Daily water therapy alleviates these issues.

What is the thinking behind this?

Your body has been in a state of fasting overnight. It’s been resting and repairing itself. An empty stomach allows for more energy to be allocated to the healing and reparation process that your body is going through while sleeping. You don’t want to compromise these effects with heavy meals before bed or by a big breakfast right when you wake up. In addition, you are dehydrated from the overnight ‘fast’. Follow your water with daily green juice or a smoothie 30-45 minutes later. You’re gonna love this!

What does this do for you on a daily basis?

Morning Water Therapy Regimen will:

  • Purify the colon and allow for better absorption of nutrients in your system. Clean it up, baby!
  • Aid with weight loss, drinking 32 oz. of water in the morning can boost metabolism by up to 24%.
  • Hydrate your cells at a superior rate. The hydration rush to the cells helps increase production of blood and muscle cells.
  • Purge your system of toxins and make your skin glow!
  • Flush and balance your lymphatic system leading to increased immunity.
  • Energize you for your day!

What kind of filtered water do we recommend?

Reverse osmosis is good, and solid carbon block filters are the best option for home use. Use glass or stainless bottles when available.

Creating a new morning ritual of drinking water is one that is healthy and super beneficial to your overall long-term health care. It is an easy way to detoxify your system without having to make major changes to your lifestyle. Try it. I think you will be amazed!

9 thoughts on “The Anti-Cancer Life: Healing Powers of Water – Water Therapy

  1. Peggy Burt

    Seems like it would be hard to drink that much all at once? Or are you talking about over the course of an hour or so? Thoughts?

    1. diamondsonyourinside Post author

      Your goal is to consume the water within a few minutes or so. It may be something you have to ‘work up to’. Start out with 16 ounces and see how your body responds. Soon your cells will be singing with joy for more healing water!

      1. Silva Baghoomian

        I have come to Gem a few times when I came to my dentist as it is quite a drive but i love it wish there was one in my neck of the woods in Coppell near 121business. That said I would like to know what is the brand of the water filter you use in your house please I know it’s the best that you can buy , I would be very grateful for that info.
        ps thanks for the Gem

  2. Meg Beaird

    Thank you Leslie for this invaluable reminder! When I had part of my colon removed 4 years ago, my GI Dr told me, for the rest of my life, Water should be the one,most consumed thing I ever put in my tummy. I drink it all day/everyday. Loved meeting you the other day and ove knowing other GA girls! xo- meg beaird

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