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The start of a new me and you

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It’s never too late to reinvent yourself.  At least that is what I am going with.  After the truly life altering experience of super-sized, full kancer meal deal, I have found lots of new passions.  First and foremost, and sounding a bit sappy and Dr. Feelgood, is my passion for living every day to the fullest.

Hey, it’s my blog, so I am going with it.  Before you change the channel, hear me out.  What I want people to take away is that life is good.  Fragile, but good.  So live it large. Don’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy your world–all the good stuff. That means appreciating what I’ve got. It means never letting a chance go by to throw a party.

My next newest passion is nutrition. I think it is another key to a happy healthy life. I think your nutrition can make you well and it can make you sick. You choose. With that intro…I have enrolled in an Integrative Nutrition program that begins in 2 weeks. It is a year long program–and I will learn how to help others lead a more healthy lifestyle. One of the first things I’ve learned is that one size diet does NOT fit all. So don’t worry. I won’t make all of you eat sprouts and kombucha.  I do, however, want everyone to wear diamonds on their insides–so you  can shine from the inside out.

So I plan to keep a journal of sorts about the next chapter of my very long novel.  Somewhat quick wit, food tips, health insights, funny observations, and shocking revelations are no charge.

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