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Think happy, be happy.

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These last weeks have been an emotional, sad, yet remarkably thought provoking experience.  My sister-in-law, Brandice passed away last week.  Tragic.  A lovely life cut too too short.  I had the privilege to be with her and my brother (really cousin) for her final days. How can something so sad be so inspiring?  You must search for positives even in the dark days.

Support.  We have amazing friends and family that will do anything for us in a time of crisis.  Many will be there for you morning, noon and night.  Even ONE friend like this is an amazing blessing. Think about it.

Love.  There is someone, probably many, who loves you unconditionally.  Be grateful for them.  Tell them.

Every moment is a gift.  Celebrate it.  Before you go to bed at night, think of 3 good things you are thankful for.  FIND the happy in it.  Revel in the moments you have, not what you don’t.

Strength.  Everyone can dig deep to find it.  Exercise strength by taking control of your perspective in life.  It makes for a healthy one too.

Think you aren’t happy?  Part of your problem is just that.  Focus on thinking about happiness.  It just might work!  Take a look at the video below.  Happy thoughts, happy bodies.