A GEM CLEANSE is a great way to kick start a healthy eating plan, curb your sugar cravings, reduce inflammation, boost your immune system, and even drop a couple of pounds. Our GEM Cleanse programs include honestly organic, cold-pressed juices and plant-based soups and salads.

ORIGINAL: Designed for beginners and experts alike, this cleanse program provides the essential nutrients your body needs each day to promote maximum results with minimum deprivation.

DIAMOND: This cleanse takes your detox to another level, incorporating more veggies, more alkalinity, for a more flawless you!

PLATINUM: Maximum doses of green provide optimal amounts of detoxifying chlorophyll and super charged alkalinity in this super-powered cleanse. Dig deep.

JTD: Need a little more to get through your busy day? A great kick-off to healthy eating, this cleanse incorporates a little food for extra energy and a clean boost.

WORKOUT: For the extreme workout fanatic, or just a less aggressive cleanser, this cleanse gives a little more—more energy, more clean living, more whole food and juice kick-start.


 Your day will look like this:

  • 7 am (or before): Start your day with 32 ounces of filtered water. This is your new life-long habit. We swear by it! Then come by The GEM and get your 6-pack to glow! (Have some green tea if you like.)
  • 8 am: Drink your first green juice. Fun veggie fact: Kale and other green leafy vegetables contain bone-building calcium, cancer-fighting phytonutrients and keep disease at bay!
  • 10 am: Drink your next juice. Did you know veggies contain real protein? Your system is so happy right now.
  • 12 noon: Drink your third juice or eat your GEM lunch.
  • 2 pm: Drink your fourth GEM juice. Let the detox and increased energy begin!

HANG IN THERE. You may start feeling some detox effects about now. This is normal. Push through, it will pass.

  • 4 pm: Drink your fifth juice. If you have a power shot, do it now. Stay with it! You are AWESOME.
  • 6 pm: Drink your last juice, Cashew Milk, or GEM dinner.
  • 8 pm: CALM Tea is a great way to end the day. Plan to go to bed early and allow your body to rest.

Eliminate toxins. Dry brush each morning to shed dead skin cells. Get a lymphatic massageMeditate (toxins are also in our thoughts). Slow Down. While hard-core cardio should be put on hold for the next few days, we do urge you to MOVE each day.

Note: avoid gum or mints while cleansing. They promote the release of digestive enzymes that make you hungry! Plus, they are riddled with toxic artificial sweeteners like Aspartame. YUCK.

*Check out our different cleanse levels here!


Boosted immune system. Elevated mood and sex drive. Normalized blood pressure. Increased energy. Mental clarity. Better sleep. Curbed cravings. A desire to eat better. A younger feel and look with clear skin and brighter eyes. For more info on how to keep that glow, visit us at insidethegem.com/after-the-cleanse or check out our healthy living counseling programs.  

Important things to know while you cleanse

Detox happens. Symptoms may include headache, dizziness, fatigue, constipation, runny nose, skin blemishes and nausea. Maybe one, maybe none, maybe all. There is no need to worry—in fact, although unpleasant, symptoms are often a good sign. If you are experiencing some of the symptoms, drink an herbal tea that can help combat them naturally but don’t take any over-the-counter chemicals. If you need something warm and savory at dinnertime, try veggie broth. This is a perfectly acceptable addition to The GEM Cleanse.

Remember, detoxification brings enormous benefits!

  • Clarity, Energy & Well-being
  • Radiant Skin & Bright Eyes
  • Significant Loss of Cravings for vices such as caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, sugar, and junk foods 

TAKE NOTE: Keep juices refrigerated. Do not consume after the date on the bottle.

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The GEM Cleanse FAQ

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How to prepare and what to do after your GEM cleanse?

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