About the GEM’s Good to Glow Nutritional Program

Surgery puts your body under a significant amount of stress – mentally and physically. However, you can combat some of that stress with solid nutritional principles. Good to Glow is a six-day organic, protein-rich, plant-based pre- and post-surgical nutritional program designed to decrease the likelihood of complications, and help your body move to quick and glowing recovery. Working closely with your surgical team, we developed the following program to help you:

  • Decrease inflammation and stress
  • Promote collagen stores for scar and skin formation
  • Increase your body’s immune activity
  • Boost metabolism and digestion
  • Promote optimal healing results

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We grounded the Good to Glow program in strong, universal nutrition concepts. However, if you need to make alterations or experience any side effects, consult with your doctor.


This program contains nuts and small amounts of non-vegan collagen and protein for boosting connective tissue and healing.

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